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There are many opportunities in AAUW for you to contribute to a very worthwhile project, event or fund.  This is one way you can support that effort even if you are unable to participate directly.

We welcome your contributions and remind you that Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW is a 501(c) 3 organization making all contributions tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

If you wish to contribute by check, select the fund below and you will find a form to print with mailing directions.

or by Credit Card

Select the yellow PayPal donate button below, follow the onscreen directions. Where it ask for "Other Amount" put in the amount you want to contribute.  Where PayPal asks for special instructions to seller, click in that box and type the fund to which you want to contribute or you may just contribute to Poughkeepsie AAUW, your phone number and full name. Your contribution details will be forwarded to the AAUW treasurer.   You may select to use your personal credit card instead of a PayPal account at this same site.

Contribution Opportunities

Contributions to the Writers' Tea & Benefit Auction are distributed among all Initiatives, Funds and Scholarships


Local Scholarships

Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW Inc. Irene Keyes Memorial Fund  
Each year the Irene Keyes Memorial Fund offers a scholarship to one young woman to attend the NCCWSL (National Conference of College Women Student Leaders) conference. The grant provides for the programming, housing and meals for the Washington, DC event.  More information>>

Dutchess Community College (DCC) Scholarship Fund 
Each year the Poughkeepsie Branch offers two $600 scholarships to non-traditional women students graduating from DCC and continuing their education at a four year institution. More information>>

National AAUW Funds/Scholarships

AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund (#4336)   
The national AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund (EOF) is one of the world's largest sources of funding for graduate women, and provides more than $3 million for more than 200 fellowships and grants to outstanding women every year.  More information>>

AAUW Funds
A general fund for unrestricted gifts to National AAUW, which are used when and where they are most needed.   More information>>

AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund (#3999)   
The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) works to challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. Our resources range from community outreach programs to legal referrals and backing of major cases.  More information>>

Evvie Currie Giving Circle (#3086) 
Campus Action Projects gives women on campuses the opportunity to put their ideas into action to encourage and empower other students to put an end to the cultural barriers women still face.  The Evvie Currie Giving Circle provides Campus Action Projects within New York State.  What is Campus Outreach>> 
More information>>

Community Service Initiatives

Court Watch
AAUW promotes the equitable and fair treatment of women who are victims of domestic violence.  To ensure that victims are taken seriously and receive just treatment, AAUW has created a court monitoring project composed of trained volunteers who attend Family Court sessions in order to quantify various systemic problems within the court system.  More information>>

Days for Girls
The first In June, we began a project to address the lack of feminine hygiene products for girls who live in undeveloped countries and refugee camps.  Working with the “Days for Girls” organization, we make long-lasting sustainable feminine hygiene kits.  These kits will cut school absences (5-7 days/month) and in this way, reduce drop-outs and increase completion rates.  More information>>

Leading to Reading 
Started in 2004, the Leading to Reading project has distributed over 31,000 books to children from low and moderate income families.  More information>>

Live Your Dream Girls' Conference
The Live Your Dream Girls’ Conference encourages middle school aged girls to dream big about their futures.  Girls gain inspiration and build confidence through creative self-expression uplifting role models and positive team-building workshops. Participants explore self, engage in civic activities, and nurture a vision for the future.
More information>>

Mothers Project
The Mothers Project provides parenting education, social and emotional support, and access to community services to underserved mothers in the Poughkeepsie area. The project delivers information on preventive women’s healthcare and parenting, and offers a forum where new mothers can socialize and share experiences. More information>>

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
AAUW supports educational programs for girls and young women to encourage the pursuit of studies and careers in STEM fields.  More information>>


Newsletter & other communication expenses.

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