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             International Relations Committee

                                              Chair: Marticia Madory 845/471-8577


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Can you answer these questions?  Could you answer them in an oral exam, speaking in English even if your native language is something different?


A: Principles of American Democracy

         1) What is the supreme law of the land?  

                -- the United States Constitution

         2) What does the Constitution do?

                 -- sets up the government

                 -- defines the government

                 -- protects basic rights of Americans

          3) The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution.

               What are these words?

                  -- We the People

            4) What is an amendment?

                   -- a change (to the Constitution)

                   -- an addition (to the Constitution)

             5)  What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

                    -- the Bill of Rights

              6)  What is one right or freedom from the First Amendment?*

                    -- speech

                    -- religion

                    -- assembly

                    -- press

                    -- petition the government


Individuals seeking to become American citizens must answer 100 questions to qualify for naturalization.  Watch this space for the next question, and compare your score with your colleagues'. 


* Applicants who are 65 or older and have been legal permanent residents of the US for 20 or more years may study just those questions marked with an asterisk. 



Days for Girls workshops are an ongoing international activity of the Poughkeepsie Branch of AAUW.  Joined by volunteers from throughout the community, the monthly workshops produce feminine hygiene kits for girls living in developing countries, refugee camps, and shelters in the United States.  Without the kits, which last for 3 - 5 years, the girls would miss 5 - 7 days of school each month.  Some of the volunteers engage in sewing, but many other skills are utilized in the production and assembly process, as illustrated in these photos.  Volunteers are welcomed without appointment or reservation.

(Days for Girls International, active for the past 10 years in several countries including the United States, has produced and delivered 103,000 kits to girls worldwide.  According to Michelle Obama's Global Girls Initiative, 98 million adolescent girls are not in school throughout the world -- and some of those may not be attending classes because of their menstrual cycle.  Days for Girls offers us a way to help them complete their education.)

Check out our Mid-Hudson Community Calendar for information on the next workshop, to be held on Saturday, December 15, 2018.  The gathering will start earlier than usual -- 1 pm -- to allow time for a pot luck holiday celebration before work gets underway.  Come to create, contribute to and savor the pot luck, and enjoy the fellowship and deep satisfaction that comes from giving girls 5 - 7 days of school each month. 

The following scenes from the November 17, 2018, workshop illustrate the volunteers' efforts.  On this day, we were joined by two Vassar College students who will be among the team that will deliver kits to girls studying in the school assisted by Vassar's Haiti Project.  The isolated school and its nearby hospital, also part of the project, suffered significant damage during a recent earthquake.

Scenes from the Days for Girls workshop on October 20, 2018, when two dozen volunteers -- including 12 students from Marist College - worked for 3 hours completing the many tasks involved in kit production:

For further information about the worldwide Days for Girls program, go to www.daysforgirls.org.   


This Year's theme for the International Relations Committee is “International in Our Own Backyard”

We are making an effort to identify the international facets of our local community – including  foreign students and faculty, immigrants – both experienced and recent arrivals and refugees, diplomatic and consular staff with homes in our communities, foreign employees of local corporations and institutions – and forming personal relationships with the women among them.  We are examining the ethical, religious, and ethnic aspects of our differences, as well as our similarities, with a goal of achieving tolerance, understanding, and compassion.  And we will share our cultures – our food, our music, our literature, our crafts – as a way of expanding all of our horizons.

Join us and help make these activities meaningful experiences for all who participate.

Scenes from International Women's Day 2017

On March 8, 2017, International Women's Day was celebrated with a fair at Dutchess Community College where booths were staffed by many local organizations, lectures were given, performances were enjoyed, and lots of networking was done! 


Top: Poet Gold, C. McGill, D. Kelly, C. Durkin, M. DeWald,  Bottom: B. Harrel, M. DeWald, S. Govender, M. Nijhuis, D. Kelly

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 2017

Plans were made for Poughkeepsie to attend CSW on March 14, 2017 however the weather had a different idea with snow in NYC (left) and snow in Poughkeepsie (right).



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