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Chairs:  Maria DeWald (266-4960) & Leah Feldman


This initiative seeks to provide professional and leadership development opportunities for female professionals and students. Team coordinators will offer workshops and panel discussions and share their professional experience/expertise on the unique issues women face. Goals include assisting women in developing as leaders and professionals, and providing support as they seek to advance their careers. Programming will include partnerships with local Institutional Member Colleges and Universities and other organizations throughout the community.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

September 11, 2018 7:00-9:00 pm

Vassar College, Villard Room

Careers and Leadership worked in collaboration with WPN on this program.

Poughkeepsie AAUW is pleased to partner with the WPN, Women’s Professional Network, to present a timely and informative session on “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; Compliance and Response.” 

Leah Feldman     Jonna Spilbor      Brittney Denley

Speakers will include:  AAUW Member Leah Feldman, Director of the Center for Victim Safety and Support, Family Services; Brittney L. Denley, Esq., Associate Director of the Vassar College Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action/Title IX; and, Jonna Spilbor, Esq., a Poughkeepsie Attorney, TV Legal Analyst, and Radio Personality.  There will be both networking and time for Q&A.

Although there is a charge for WPN members and non-members, there is no cost for AAUW members and students/faculty of Vassar as one of AAUW’s College/University members.

Please join us for an event that will help employees understand their rights and help employers learn how to create a safe, respectful working environment.  Presentations will include an overview of the laws dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, practical applications of these laws, information on the impact of sexual harassment on employees, how management can respond to those who have been impacted in a compassionate and victim-centered manner, and an overview of how to file a complaint.  It will be an exceptional event for both women and men, and employers and employees.

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Since AAUW provides access to extensive research on priority women’s issues such as wage negotiations, debt, glass ceiling environments, work/family balancing, and cultural/sexual harassment, these resources also may be called in to add dimension to our local work. For example, participants may be trained in AAUW’s StartSmart/WorkSmart Program on salary negotiations while beginning a career and after. Please consider joining this team to provide a valuable and needed community service!

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