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Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW, Inc.

P.O. Box 1908, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


The AAUW Board meets on the first Thursday of each month, September through June.


Annual Reports from Board Members/Initiatives>>


2016-2017 Poughkeepsie Branch Board Officers

Position Name Phone
President Maria DeWald 266-4960
Program Co-Vice Presidents Monique Jones 849-1692
  Sandy Lash 227-4650
Membership Co-Vice Presidents Susie Blecker 462-7074
  Sheila Zweifler 462-6478
Development Vice President Jocelynn Banfield 545-5551
Communications Vice President Bonnie Auchincloss 635-5191
Secretary/Bylaws Kathy Friedman 485-8671
Treasurer Diane Jablonski 485-6228
Membership Treasurer Mary Anne Hogarty 221-0203


Appointed Board Positions

Position Name Phone
Community Service Initiatives Liaison Barbara Hugo 876-6686
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair Jacqueline Goffe-McNish 471-7220
Historian Eileen Hayden 485-4399
Honors and Awards Chair Betty Harrel 462-2141
Interest Groups Liaison Barbara Lemberger 635-8516
International Relations Committee Chair Sabashnee Govender  914/850-0195
Legal Advocacy Fund Chair Janna Whearty 546-9190
Newsletter Editor Margaret Nijhuis 635-8612
Nominating Committee Chair Barbara Van Itallie 462-3924
Public Policy/AAUW Priorities Committee Chair Patricia DeLeo 883-5181
Publicity Chair Cathy Kinn 462-3196


Community Service Initiatives/Annual Events Chairs

Off Board

Position Name Phone
Annual Meeting Judy Linville 889-4802
Careers and Leadership Co-Chairs Leah Feldman 914/475-8946
Court Watch Chair Ann Pinna 462-3140
Extending Girls' Horizons Chair Peggy Kelland 297-0507
Ribfest for LAF Marcine Humphrey 485-7697
Leading to Reading Chair Betty Harrel 462-2141
Live Your Dream Girls' Conference Co-Chairs Diana Babington 471-5385
  Lori Scolaro 797-8366
Mothers Project Co-Chairs Lula Allen 284-2331
  Kay Bishop 677-8793
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Marist Liberty Partnership Chair Kris Puzza 221-3488
STEM Math Buddies Chair Barbara Van Itallie 462-3924
Woman of the Year Co-Chairs 2018 Margie Ouart 896-6928
  Gail Sisti 564-4268
Writers' Tea & Benefit Auction Co-Chairs Lula Allen 284-2331
  Linda Roberts 227-5287


Off Board Positions


Position Name Phone
Assistant Historian Barbara Hespenheide 452-3241
Assistant Newsletter Editor Kathy Friedman 485-8671
Assistant Secretary Susan Doyle 914/474-1232
Communications Assistant Joanne Scolaro 592-8314
Database Manager Claudette Hennessy 236-8275
Facebook Manager Mary Coiteux 226-8275
Irene Keyes Memorial Fund/NCCWSL Chair Marcine Humphrey 485-7697
Photography Committee Chair Bonnie Auchincloss 635-5191
State & National AAUW Liaison Mary Lou Davis 223-5544
Technical Support Mary Ann Boylan 462-2504
Webmaster Mary King 518/615-9573




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