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AAUW Outlook is the membership magazine of AAUW. Each issue provides lively, thought-provoking stories about people and issues concerning women and girls and informs readers about organizational activities related to AAUW’s mission.

Click (below) on the cover of the issue of AAUW Outlook you would like to read. There is an archive of issues that can be obtained from the window in which any of the following issues are displayed.


Winter 2018

How We as AAUW Can Fight Sexual Harassment
In the wake of the ongoing cultural reckoning with sexual harassment where can AAUW exert an impact?

The Power of Women's Voices at the United Nations
It’s the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ pivotal document, the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights. Learn about AAUW’s role in this global work then and now.

Hear Them Lead
The Campus Action Project at the University of the District of Columbia fosters leadership through peer mentoring, poetry, and performance. Find out from the participants what the project means on campus land in the Nation's capital.

The Importance of the AAUW Coretta Scott King Fund, Then and Now
Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., AAUW established a fund in his widow’s name to support women scholars who could contribute to racial justice—an e£ort that’s still relevant today.


Summer 2017

Student Debt through the Gender Lens
AAUW’s latest research report examines the student debt crisis with new insight about how debt is turning the promise of education into a financial quagmire for many women

10 Questions for Kimberly Churches
Get to know AAUW’s new chief executive officer: what inspires her, where she thinks AAUW is headed, and more.

100 Years of International Fellowships
International tensions inspired one of AAUW’s most significant programs. And since then AAUW fellows have influenced art, public health, science, and more on a global scale.

AAUW Campaign Takes on Everyday Sexism
How should subtle sexism be addressed? A new campaign is bringing in experts to help.


Spring 2017

Why We Marched

AAUW members from all over the country marched for women’s rights o January 21

Title IX at 45

This 37 word law has made a world of difference for students, but Title IX needs protection now more than ever before.

The Power of Education

Her world was transformed by education, and now Tereral Trent, Ph.D., is bringing that right to girls in Zimbabwe.

2017 AAUW National Election Voter Guide

Everything you need to know to vote in the upcoming AAUW National Election is right here in Outlook


Winter 2017

A Lesson on School Vouchers

Referred to as scholarships, certificates, school choice programs, or tuition tax credits, these funding mechanisms are in fact one and the same things: vouchers, which funnel funding away from public schools in need of it.

Combating Human Trafficking: The Need for Advocacy

The realities of human trafficking are disturbing and difficult to confront.  But advocates can and do make a difference in exposing and battling this modern-day slavery.

Is the Glass Ceiling Actually Concrete?

Hillary Clinton's loss has made clear that the glass ceiling is still seemingly impervious.  The question that remains to be answered is, what wil it take to break through the long-impenetrable barriers to women seeking positions of leaderships?


Fall 2016

The Future Guardians of the Web

Cyber security affects nearly every aspect or our increasingly digital lives.  The field, in which women are underrepresented, faces a severe labor shortage.  That's where AAUW comes in.

Ask for It: The Salary You’re Worth

What happens when women are empowered to negotiate?

Ensuring a Brighter Future for Women and Girls

For Ann Pehle, AAUW is a family tradition.  But she's making her own AAUW legacy.


Summer 2016

Evolutions in Voter Suppression

Decades after poll taxes were outlawed, states are finding new ways to keep people from exercising their right to vote.

Is Your Statehouse Stalling Progress?

The word "preemption"should be as notorious as Darth Vader.  Find out why.

War of Words

We may have reached new lows for civil discourse in the 2016 election.  But is civility all that important?

How to Speak Up against Everyday Bias

Ever wondered how to respond to the sexism you see in your daily life, in person and online?  Here's how to take a stand.

Spring 2016

Closing the Gender Leadership Gap

AAUW's newest research report is the perfect anodyne to the dismissive platitude that "we've come a long way, baby."  Find out the latest data about women's persistent underrepresentation in paid leadership

The Slow Climb up the Higher Ed Ladder

At the turn of the 20th century, women were fighting to even be present in university classrooms.  But more than a century later, women are still rare in higher educations's leadership.

Becoming Presidential

Whether a woman will occupy the Oval Office soon is uncertain, but did you know that women have been running for president since 1872?

The Science behind Implicit Bias

How can you recognize - and fight against - biases you don't even know you have?  If you have a computer and 15 minutes, we'll show you.

Winter 2016

2016 Winter Outlook coverSettling the Score for Women in Music

With blind auditions and bold ambitions, women are finally finding a place in music’s most respected echelons.

The High Cost of Hollywood's Gender Bias

Tinseltown’s old boys’ club days could be over. And they should be.

The Evolving Face of Ballet

A new generation of dancers is challenging what ballerinas look like, in more ways than one.

Negative Space: Women of Art History

Women’s artwork has long been overlooked. What’s wrong with this picture?

Women's Voices in the Newsroom

This just in: The news sounds a little different when women decide what to cover.



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