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Poughkeepsie Branch of the

American Association of University Women, Inc.

P.O. Box 1908, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


Volume 24, Number 3                           Our 56th year of publication.   November 2010



Online Calendar at

Oct 26   Professional Women’s Networking

       See page 3 ... What’s Happening?

26   Dutchess Girls Collaborative: 4 pm

       Wallace Center, launching ceremony. See below.

28 Water, a film screening by AAUW

       Diversity Initiative. See below

Nov 1    Word Games: 2:00 pm

       Hostess: Phyllis Teasdale (454-4582)

       Coordinator: Eleanor Aronstein (462-6452)


3     Board Meeting: 7:00 pm

Hostess: Liz Moesel (896-9426)

       Community Room at The Commons

6     Live Your Dream Girls’ Conference

       Dutchess Community College

9     Art on the Go: Time TBD

       Visit to MOMA

       Coordinator: Mary Coiteux (226-8275)

9     Stop Domestic Violence-Court Watch

       3 pm, Brookhaven. See below.

10   General Membership Meeting - 2nd column

10   The Branch deadline for December

10   Mah Jongg: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

       Hostess: Marcy Marlow (462-6555)

       Coordinator: Amy Schwed (462-2269)

11   Gourmet: Out & About: 6:30 pm

       Beacon Falls Café, Beacon

Contact: Jeanette Cantwell (452-4188)

11   Invisible Children, 12:30 pm

       Taconic Hall, DCC. See below.

12  Daytime Literature: 10:00 am

       Book: The Help

       by Kathryn Stockett

Hostess: Leona Miller (471-0777)

Coordinators: Diana Gleeson (229-8458)

              & Tiz Hanson (229-9394)

13   Bridge For Beginners: 10:00 am

       Hostess: Patty Cerniglia (288-7655)

       Please response to coordinators (y/n).

       Coordinators: Donna Reichner Mintz &

              Betsy Vivas (485-2370)

13   Trekkers:9:00 am - Hannaford’s LaGrange

       Buttercup Farm Sanctuary

       Organizer: Cathy Lane (229-1036) &

              Peggy Kelland (297-0507)

       Coordinator: Karen Haynes (297-5700)

15   Aventures en Soleil: Tour starts 10:30 am

Home and Museum of Jasper Cropsey

       Lunch: Harvest, Hastings on Hudson

       Reservations: Margaret Nijhuis (635-8612)

       Coordinators: Peggy Lombardi (635-9091)                      

              & Ruth Sheets (473-6202)

15   Manderley Literary Society: 7:30 pm

       Book: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

       Hostess: Sarah Shouse (462-5663)

       Coordinator: Ellie Burch (297-7828)

16   Cuisine: 6:30 pm


       Recipes: Rita Minnerly (471-2525)

Hostess: Betsy Kopstein-Stuts (485-7044)

Coordinator: Betty Olson (889-4836)

16   Reception for our New Members: 7:00 pm

       Christ Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie. See below.

17   Bridge I:1:00 - 4:00 pm

       Hostess: Jeanette Cantwell (452-4188)

Coordinators: Linda Ronayne (897-9745) &

              Mary Ann Ryan (897-9679)

18   All those books...:7:00 pm

          Book: Emma by Jane Austen

Hostess: Kim Butwell (698-1855)

       Coordinator: Carol Loizides (452-3208)

20   Trekkers:8:00 am (K. Haynes’ driveway)

       Connecticut State Park Hike

       Organizer & Coordinator: : Karen Haynes (297-5700

23   Professional Women’s Networking: 5:30-7:30 pm

       The Gift of Fair Trade, Cecilia Dino-Durkin. See below.

       Coordinators: Kim Butwell &

             Jacqueline Goffe-McNish

Dec 2 Pins & Needles: 7:00 pm (note new time!)

       Quilting Continues!! 

       Hostess: Peggy Kelland (297-0507)

       Coordinator: Jane Toll (463-2712)

       Contact: Joanne Sereda (831-0636)

Dec 7     Contemporary Literature: 7:30 pm

       Book: Dinner at Mr. Jefferson’s by Charles Gerami

Hostess: Roz Werner (462-0630)

       Coordinator: Ann Wade (229-5267)

 Bridge II: No meeting in November. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

       Coordinators: Cathy Kinn &

              Janet White (462-6675)

Tee Off Play will continue in the Spring.

Coordinators: Dorothy Evangelista (677-9046) &

              Linda Ronayne (897-9745) 


Dec 1 - Fair Trade Marketplace, Poughkeepsie Plaza, noon- 7 pm. See page 6.

Dec 8 - My Sister’s Keeper, St John’s See below.

Apr 10 - Writers’ Event

Apr 15-17 - AAUW-NYS Convention, Long Island

June 16-19 AAUW National Convention, Wash., DC


The Other Side of Slavery in the

Mid-Hudson Valley through Song and Historical Reenactment


An event not to be missed!!! 


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


               7:00 pm


St. John’s Lutheran Church 

              55 Wilbur Blvd.

              Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 




The Mid-Hudson Valley Anti-Slavery


Featuring songs sung by Abolitionists in the anti-slavery struggle.




Featuring "conversations" with "residents and

leaders" in the Mid-Hudson Valley during the

mid 1800's. You may “meet” a teacher, a friend

of Sojourner Truth, or the wife of a barber.


Participants will include Rebecca Edwards,

Ciesta Quinn, Paulette Sibert, Stefan

Stanley, Margaret White & many others.


There will be time for interesting and informative discussion after the program.


Light refreshments will be provided. The event is free and open to the public!


Questions: Contact Margaret White 845/462-8052 or


Directions: St. John’s Lutheran Church is on Wilbur Blvd. between Spackenkill Road and Hooker Avenue.



Geeta Desai *297-7589 *


Thirty-three years ago, I looked down on my new-born daughter’s face and silently vowed to raise her to be a powerful woman. At the time, little did I know that I had embarked on an arduous but enlightening journey. There were all the usual challenges: boys to ward off, homework to be done on time, telephone calls to be limited to daylight hours, arguments to be had about whether a curfew was even necessary.


My biggest challenge, however, was to model the strength that I wanted her to develop. For example, I did not want her to be crushed when girlfriends let her down or to let criticism cut her to the quick, or to turn to counterproductive habits when she was stressed. But, in reviewing my own behavior in the early years I realized that I, on the other hand, had been guilty of all of these lapses; I had been inconsolable when I didn’t get my first “big” job, I had reached for excessive amounts of chocolate when I’d been blue, I had let criticism wound me repeatedly. To develop the resilience, strength and optimism that I wanted my daughter to have, I knew that I had to change the habits of a lifetime.


Looking back, I recognize the two things that would have helped me immensely. First, I wish I had joined the AAUW a long time ago. The company of smart, strong, supportive women would have helped me to develop an inner strength and a balanced perspective. Second, I wish my daughter could have taken advantage of girl-friendly events like our very own Live Your Dream conference for seventh graders.


Still, I’m happy to say that my daughter has turned out to be a force to contend with. I talk to her about the AAUW, the great women I’ve met, our wonderful projects and the anxiety I feel about how much work still remains to be done. She talks to me about working in the male-dominated film-editing business, her dreams and her fears. We’re still muddling through that long journey that we started so many years ago but it is now filled with brilliant insights, touching moments and much more faith in ourselves.


For those of you who may be raising a seventh grade girl or know someone who is, please visit our website at and please encourage as many girls as you can to attend the Live Your Dream Girls’ Conference. This year’s conference on Saturday, November 6 will cover friendships, creative self-expression, girl power, writing and publishing articles, dealing with diversity in schools, fashion and self-respect. If you would simply like to volunteer at this event, come at 1 pm to help sign out the girls.


So, here’s to strong girls and stronger women. May our ranks continue to grow.

LITERARY NOTES                                      

Diane Browne-Sterdt


Short Stories -- Jhumpa Lahiri


Jhumpa Lahiri, a beautiful woman and great writer, was born in London but raised in the United States. Her Indian origins and strong family ties have defined her work, nevertheless, and her firm identity as a woman writer underlines the integrity and passion of her writing. Lahiri's first collection of stories, "The Interpreter of Maladies" (1999) was a Pulitzer Prize winner.


Jhumpa Lahiri uses everyday details, colors, light, the rich fragrances of Indian cooking, and time (a character in itself) to convey the deep emotions of the people she creates. These emotions are often expressed without spoken words, but the reader knows, intuits, and can empathize. Being away from one's family, from one's roots...and the poignancy of losing what is familiar in one's a recurring theme in Lahiri's stories (as in her well-known novel, "The Namesake").


My personal favorites in Lahiri's first collection of stories include "The Third and Final Continent" and "A Temporary Matter." "The Third and Final Continent" is a delightful story about a young man's journey from India to England then to America, and the connections that gradually ease his loneliness...and bring love into his life. "A Temporary Matter", sadly, is about an Indian couple, living in Boston, who have lost their newborn child. Their subtle journey is from empty despair, to anxiety, to hope, to tenderness, to anger...and, finally, to grief.


This poignantly portrayed kind of relationship between two people is the kind of relationship that pervades Jhumpa Lahiri's second collection of stories, "Unaccustomed Earth". The characters, Hema and Kaushik, have remained in my thoughts since I read their passionate and heartbreaking story. "Unaccustomed Earth" was selected as a New York Times Book Review Best Book of the Year. I was not surprised...Jhumpa Lahiri's writing is simply unforgettable.  



 Betty Harrel *462-2141*


...and with it comes our annual holiday gift wrapping parties at Hudson River Lodging. Each year, Leading to Reading sponsors these fun events. We bring our own paper and other supplies and wrap a mountain of donated gifts for the children living in the center on Route 55.


All AAUW members are welcome! Watch for further information in the next Branch on specific dates and times. At that time, reservations can be made through Patty Cerniglia (298-7655) or Ellie Burch (297-7828) .



Bergie Lebovitch *298-4045*


Housekeeping 101


‘Tis Fall, and time for a little clarification....Here are a few reminders for everyone - both our “long standing members” and our “brand new members.”


We have a website for the Fabulous Poughkeepsie Branch

There you will find:

Ь a calendar of up-coming events

Ь back issues of The Branch, as well as the current issue

Ь information on all of our interest groups and initiatives

Ь an application form and a member profile sheet

Ь a plethora of information about our 85 year old organization


Find answers to frequently asked questions:

Ь If you have transportation issues, check out the September edition of the 2010 The Branch.

Ь If you have a friend who wants to join, you can send her to the website! Also contact Amy Schwed amyschwed@optonline.netwith the information.

Ь If you want to contact one of the chairs of the initiatives or coordinators of the interest groups, their information is there....


As you check your emails daily, please keep in mind that you will get correspondence from me, or an e-vite to the New Member Reception on Nov. 16th, at Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie or occasionally a greeting card from me at Blue Mountain. We want to keep in touch with each other, so please put me and the Newsletter Editor, Margaret, in your email contact list!


Please join me in welcoming:


Barrett, Didi                                     Strand, Michelle

Boltson, Marion                               Zuccarello, Barbara

Brown, Betsy

Hotchandani, Lata                            Welcome Back!

Hugo, Barbara                                  Marti Shaw

Jones, Mildred

Kacherski, Carol Ann

Michaud, Debbie

Miller, Lucy

Rizzo, Sharon Ann

Seckel, Cornelia

Spiers, Clare


Margaret Nijhuis’, The Branch Editor, email has changed!!! Please add this to your contact list and remove the old one!


Check your email each day!



Kim Butwell 914/489-6400,

Jacqueline Goffe-McNish 845/471-7220,


The first meeting of the AAUW Professional Women’s Networking Group was a huge success. Our speaker, Ellie Nieves, spoke about the power of Social Media. She is a women’s leadership coach and uses social media to advance her business. Some points from Ellie’s talk:


Ь There are over 350 Million users of Facebook, 100 Million on twitter, 60 million on LinkedIn...that is a huge market to tap.

Ь Keep your goal in focus

Ь Social Media is one tool in your personal tool belt for success

Ь Create and communicate your personal brand

Ь Be consistent

Ь Be clear

Ь Social Media is a time commitment - be strategic.


At the meeting each woman shared something they hope to get out of the group. There was a strong call for networking and how to do it effectively. We will be addressing this topic each month at our meeting.


Next meeting - Tuesday, October 26, Jacqueline Goffe-McNish will lead a discussion on Diversity in the Workplace. If you have not been to a group led by Jackie, you are in for a real treat - she will enliven your mind and spirit. This gathering will explore the theory of the Salad Bowl in the workplace. In the salad bowl model, various American cultures are juxtaposed - like salad ingredients - but do not merge together into a single homogeneous culture (melting pot theory). See page 6 for November meeting.


Merrill Lynch Conference Room

2649 South Road (Rte 9), Poughkeepsie

(Between Locust Grove and Coyote Grill)

4th Tuesday, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Call or email to be placed on the email reminder list:

Kim Butwell 914-489-6400,


Happy Thanksgiving

to one and all!



Elections are early this year, November 2, so mark your calendar with important date. For those of you who did not vote in the primary, it will be your first chance to vote on the new voting machines. For instruction, you can access a tutorial at:


In our 91st year of women’s suffrage, we may have come a long way, but we need to use our vote to protect what we have gained and to improve the position of women in our society.



 ”Women's rights are ultimately human rights, and the march for equality will not end until full parity and equal opportunity are attained in every State and workplace across our Nation.”          President Barack Obama- Presidential Proclamation on Women’s Equality Day August 26, 2010


Other points of interest:


Ь We are hopeful that the US Senate will pass the Paycheck Fairness Act before the end of the year, but we still need to:

Take Action! Call your Senators (find contact information at: and tell them to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act! Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) has filed cloture-that’s Washington-speak for scheduling a vote-on the Paycheck Fairness


S.182: Paycheck Fairness Act

A bill to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide more effective remedies to victims of discrimination in the payment of wages on the basis of sex, and for other purposes.

(Text of bill at the following link.)


Ь Your vote can also help determine whether or not Social Security and Medicare remain viable for future generations. Although the message of insolvency is being falsely shouted from some arenas, AAUW reminds us that changes in the benefits of social security can have a devastating effect on women.


Ь AAUW was one of the more than 400 organizations endorsing the One Nation march in Washington on October 2, 2010. Unions, Women’s organizations, Civil Rights organizations, Peace groups, and others were represented at this rally calling for stronger public education, jobs, and equality.




Phyllis Teasdale, a member of Poughkeepsie AAUW since 1943, is recuperating from a broken hip. Her address is:

The Pines, Room 406A

100 Franklin St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603





 Mary Lou Heissenbuttel *462-1406*


AAUW members approached domestic violence service providers to ascertain how the membership could impact domestic violence in Dutchess County. Overwhelmingly, the service providers agreed that the courts are re-victimizing victims of domestic violence and that monitoring the courts could be a huge help. I have attended Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault meetings over the years and concern with the courts have been discussed time and time again. The lack of a large number of volunteers has kept them from undertaking a court monitoring project. This is where AAUW can be a major help.




Monitoring courts is the only way the public can know what is going on and be a voice for change. Court monitors document problems and make recommendations.


The following are components of court watch monitoring:


Ь trained volunteers observe court hearings and report on specific forms provided


Ь specific courts are looked at closely - committee members with advice from court advocates will determine which courts to be monitored


Ь committee members compile data and determine what the problems are in the courts


Ь committee members make findings public using newsletter, website and the media.


The MISSION of the Court Watch Project is to make the justice system more effective and responsive in handling cases of violence against women and children and create a more informed and involved public.


The committee has approximately twenty members who have indicated interest in this project BUT we need many more. The first meeting of the committee will be Tuesday, November 9th at 3 pm at Brookhaven, 1 Brookside Avenue, Poughkeepsie (Grace Smith Houses offices, just off Washington Street, City of Poughkeepsie)


Judy Lombardi from Grace Smith House and Leah Feldman from the Universal Response to Domestic Violence along with myself (Mary Lou Heissenbuttel) are co-facilitators of this project. Please call Mary Lou Heissenbuttel at 462-1406 if you plan to attend. WE NEED YOU.


Marcine Humphrey


The Dutchess Girls Collaborative will be launched at a press conference on Tuesday,

October 26, 2010 at 4 pm at the Wallace Center, Hyde Park, Meeting for many months, a group of women representing organizations, programs, and their own interest in improving the life of girls in Duchess County created an organization called Dutchess Girls Collaborative (DGC).


The first step was developing a mission and operational guidelines, and establishing criteria for membership. The organization is launching a website where girls, parents, guardians and social service personnel can look for information about events specifically intended for young women in Duchess County. Joining this new organization we continue to fulfill the mission of AAUW.


The first Core Council, the governing body hereafter, according to the proposed DGC Organizational Guidelines comprised of the Founding Organization Members (& their Representatives): AAUW (Marcine Humphrey),Battered Women Services of Family Services (Kat Raynor), DIVAS of Sister to Sister (Jackie Clyburn, Dominque Garrett, Ty Satcher, Schenita White), ERVK (Kathleen Durham, Kristine Revelle),Mill Street Loft(Arlene Gould, Joan Henry, Sarah Levine, Carole Wolf), Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley (Judy Di Matteo, Nalo Hampton) and individual members (Didi Barrett, Ellie Charwat and Gwen Higgins).


The Poughkeepsie Branch of the American Association of University Women, Inc. is proud to be a member of this new organization.



To empower, encourage and support girls in Duchess County through a collaborative network of information and programs.



Duchess County girls and young women will have knowledge of and access to information and community resources designed to provide health, educational, recreational, social, and spiritual services.



Ь Be a valued resource in the community to individuals and organizations.

Ь Provide, maintain and disseminate useful information.

Ь Encourage cooperation, coordination, and shared resources among programs and services.

Ь Be an active advocacy entity to empower girls.

Ь Identify and efficiently address needed areas of service.

Ь Develop membership and increase visibility in the community.



MY SISTER’S KEEPER                         

Cecilia Dinio Durkin (518-2713) & Joan Monk (914/245-7704)


Inspired by Kristof and DuWinn's book, "Half the Sky", My Sister’s Keeper fosters greater understanding of the plight of women worldwide and within our domestic borders. A statewide AAUW program, individuals, interest groups and branches are encouraged to develop programming, volunteering, advocacy and education outlets for women suffering from these issues.


Join our email list to learn when we will meet and when there are events, programs, initiatives for you to participate in that will bring awareness and ways to take action to make a difference locally, regionally, globally.


Upcoming events include:


Ь Invisible Children Film Presentation and Discussion

When: Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:30pm

Where: Taconic Hall Lecture, Duchess Community College



Description: The Face to Face Tour features 11 of northern Uganda's top students sharing stories and advocating for their peers. They will be touring North America discussing how Invisible Children's programs are rebuilding education for a region recovering from more than 20 years of war.


Ь AAUW has been fighting for Human Rights, particularly for women and girls, for over 128 years. What better way to make sure our mission is fulfilled than to support Fair Trade? What is Fair Trade...find out from AAUW member and Women’s Work Fair Trade store owner, Cecilia Dinio Durkin


Professional Women’s Networking Group The Gift of Fair Trade Presentation

When: November 23 - 5:30 pm - 7:30pm

Where: Merrill Lynch Conference Room; Rt. 9, Pok

                    (Between Locust Grove and Coyote Grill)

Description: The Gift of Fair Trade, a presentation by Cecilia Dino-Durkin about how your purchasing dollars can help those around the world in need of income.


As we approach the holidays, why not put your gift dollars to work, buying gifts that give back? Find out how buying Fair Trade helps those in need through AAUW member, Cecilia Dinio-Durkin's personal accounts of her life in Africa which resulted in a life of Fair Trade.


Cecilia Dinio-Durkin has been working in Fair Trade since 2003 while living in Botswana (Africa). Today, Cecilia owns and operates two Fair Trade stores called Women's Work. She works directly with over 20 women's groups from Botswana, Pakistan and Guatemala. Her stores carry hand-crafted products from over 30 countries helping thousands of women around the world.

Ь A special event for AAUW members, Fair Trade Marketplace will bring local, regional, and worldwide products, services and entertainment to you


Fair Trade Marketplace

When: Wednesday, December 1, Noon - 7pm


Fair Trade Marketplace being held at the Poughkeepsie Plaza with vendors, music, dance and food from around the world.


Ь Learn more about My Sister’s Keeper at our General Membership Meeting. Be there as the Poughkeepsie Branch launches the My Sister’s Keeper Hall of Fame.


My Sister’s Keeper Presentation by Joan Monk

When: December 8, 2010, 7-9 pm (AAUW General Meeting)

Where: St. John’s Lutheran Church, 55 Wilbur Blvd, Pok.


Description: There are many program ideas, organizations to contact for speakers, activities, books, films, and advocacy issues that fall under this umbrella. Let’s turn our interests into action!


This project falls in the “sweet spot” where Diversity/Cultural Interests/International Affairs/Public Policy and Programming meet.


Grab your sister’s hand and let’s use the power within us all to make a difference, to change the world!


Supporters of The Branch!!


Annual contributions from members help defray the expense of publishing The Branch. All patrons and sponsors are listed in each monthly newsletter unless anonymity is requested.      

Patrons ($25 or more)

  Catherine Albanese

Lula Allen

Mary G. Bagley

Joan Cordani

Betty Harrel

Leola Mason

Jean Miller

Lila Mitchell

Ellenora Oberhofer

Jacqueline Prusak

Esther Reisman

Margaret Ruggeri

Phyllis Teasdale

Sponsors ($10 or more)

 Marion Effron

Ruth Gau

Gloria Gibbs

Sandra Goldberg

Peggy Lombardi

Catherine Pété

Terry Schneider

To add your name or the name of your business to the list, mail a check payable: Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW, Inc. to Margaret Nijhuis, 9 McAllister Drive, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569





The Live Your Dream Girls Conference is on November 6th at Duchess Community College. This inspirational day for 7th grade girls is made possible each year through the generosity of AAUW members. Some women give their talents and time and many make a financial commitment and "sponsor" girls. A thank you for the generosity of our:


Divas, Darlings and Dreamers, 2010

Miriam Zimet Aaron

Catherine Albanese

Mary Bagley

Catherine Bala

Bernadette Barrett

Margaret Barton

Christine Brady

Diane Browne-Sterdt

Lynda Byrne

Verna Carr

Diane Closs

Mary Lou Davis

Susan Decker

Lillian DePasquale

Geeta Desai

Patricia Dogil

Susan Fink

Diane Fiscina

Gloria Gibbs

Sandra Goldberg

Susan Goldsmith

Nancy Grucza

Judith Harkavy

Betty Harrel

Barbara Hespenheide

Doris Kelly

Irene Keyes

Bonnie Kieffer

Mary King

Cathleen Kinn

Margaret Lombardi

Jeanette Madera

Barbara Markell

Marcy Marlow

Carol Mastropietro

Lila Mitchell

Joan Monk

Deborah Most

Margaret Nijhuis

June Pierson

Patricia Poggi

Jacqueline Prusak

Lorraine Roberts

Amelia Roger

Mary Ann Ryan

Terry Schneider

Celia Serotsky

Gail Simon

Eleanor Skov

Cindy Smith

Erin Teichman

Barbara Van Itallie

Marilyn Walsh




Attention All New Members

(members joining since March 15, 2010)


Check your emails for your e-vite to:


“Getting to Know You” party


November 16, 2010, 7:00 pm


Christ Episcopal Church

20 Carroll Street

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601



Marjorie Krems *473-3580*


October 28 - 6:00 pm - Adriance Memorial Library


The Diversity Initiative of the Poughkeepsie Branch of AAUW invites you to join in the viewing of the 2006 Academy Award-winning film Water, written and directed by Deepa Mehta.

The film will be shown at the Adriance Memorial Library, 93 Market Street (Poughkeepsie), on Thursday, October 28th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Please come to the Library’s ground-floor meeting room-- the Charwat Meeting Room. The film will run for approximately two hours. Discussion of the film will follow. We are obligated to vacate the room no later than 8:45 p.m.

About the film Water: “Extremist groups waged a campaign of death threats, arson, and riots to stop the production of this controversial film, but female director Deepa Mehta would not be silenced. Set against Gandhi’s rise to power, Water tells the profoundly moving story of Chuyia, an Indian girl married and widowed at eight years of age, who is sent away to a home where Hindu widows must live in penitence. Chuyia’s feisty presence deeply affects the other residents, forcing each to confront their faith and society’s prejudices.”

Please join us for this stirring and emotionally powerful film, and bring a friend. So that we can plan accordingly, please RSVP as soon as possible to Marjorie at or 473-3580.


Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW, Inc. Officers 2010-2011


President                               Geeta Desai            297-7589

Program V.P.                        Susan Osterhoudt   889-4469

                                                Diana Gleeson        229-8458 

Membership V.P.                  Bergie Lebovitch    298-4045

Educ. Foundation V.P.         Patricia Luczai        463-4662

                                                Trish Prunty

Secretary                               Virginia Marcus     223-5246

Treasurer                              Barbara Van Itallie 462-3924

Assistant Treasurer              Elizabeth Moesel    896-9426

Association website: 

NY State website:

AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or class.

The Branch is published ten times a year, September through June, by the Poughkeepsie Branch of the AAUW, Inc. Send articles to the editor: Margaret Nijhuis, (635-8612).