Poughkeepsie Branch of the

American Association of University Women, Inc.

P.O. Box 1908, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


“The Power of Membership”



Volume 28, Number 4                  Our 59th year of publication                                          December  2014



Linda Beyer *462-0345* 


Let's share the spirit of the holidays with the residents of Grace Smith House at our December meeting.


The children who are residing at Grace Smith House, a home for victims of domestic violence, are remembered and well-provided for with lovely gifts from various community groups at the holidays.  Their mothers, however, need also to feel that the community cares about them and remembers them at holiday time.  The AAUW Board has approved a plan for members attending the December membership meeting to bring along a donated gift for a mother at Grace Smith. The gifts will be given at the residence by the staff.


If you wish to donate a gift to the mothers, please follow the staff's requirements:


1.  Gifts must be newly purchased and unwrapped.

2.  Gifts must be something usable by the mothers and

     something personal which is uplifting.

3. Examples of gifts are the following:




     hair dryer

     costume jewelry


     pocket book

     perfume or pretty soaps





     wallet/key case

     mirror/hair brush set


Please remember, all donations must be new and unwrapped. Just bring yours along to the meeting and we will be sure it gets transported to the mothers!


Thank you so much for sharing your holiday spirit!


Linda Beyer and Sue Doyle



December is such a hectic busy month. Why not take a time to relax and renew yourself?


Join us


December 11, 2014

7:00 pm


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall

67 South Randolph Ave., Poughkeepsie.


“Fun & Friends”


In an informal setting, try some of the activities prepared for you by members who enjoy them.  The room will be set up in activity stations and you are free to try one station or try them all.  This is the time to have light refreshments and sit and talk with each other.


Our activities include:


Math Games: Anthula Natsoulas will offer a variety of math games from around the world.  Some are done alone while others are played with a group.


Paper Bead & Earring Making: Pat Luczai and Honorah Hinkle will teach you how to roll paper beads and turn them into earrings.


Stitchery Design: Jane Toll and Arlene Seligman will show you a Pins & Needles stitchery favorite.


Word Games: Ellie Charwat invites you to play some popular word games.


Notebook Decorating: Join Marcine Humphrey and help the “Live Your Dream Girls’ Conference 2015” get a head start on decorating special notebooks for next year’s girls.


Please bring some or all of these items, if you have them.

A pair of scissors,

A glue stick,

Embroidery floss & decorative threads

Scrap booking materials

Decorative stickers


Questions: Mary Coiteux 226-8275

Susie Blecker 462-7074


 Online Calendar at

Contact: Kathy Friedman


1       Word Games: 2:00 pm

         Hostess:  Kathy Friedman (485-8671)

         Coordinator:  Ellie Charwat (462-7061)

2       World Travelers: 7:00 pm

         Teaching English in Brazil, Greece, Italy, & Thailand

         Presenter:  Ellie Charwat

         Hostess:  Ellie Charwat (462-7061)

         Reservations: Jeanette Cantwell (452-4188)


3       The Ediss Book Group: 7:00 pm

         Book: Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

         Hostess: Helen Buhler (473-0665)

         Coordinator: Celia Serotsky (473-8426)

4       Board Meeting:  No board meeting.

         Have a happy holiday season!

5       Art on the Go: Contact Mary for more information

         Lethal Beauty: Samuri Weapons and Armor

         The Katonah Museum of Art

         Coordinator: Mary Coiteux (226-8275)

8       All those books...: 2:30 pm

         Book: Vanity Fair by William Makepiece Thackeray

         Hostess: Peggy Kelland (297-0507)

         Coordinator: Carol Loizides (452-3208)

9       Movie Night: Time TBD by show

         Movie: Group members will be notified the

         Thursday before - sign up with Sue.

         Discussion: Eveready Diner, Rt. 9, Hyde Park

         Director: Susan Osterhoudt (889-4469)

         Producer: Diana Gleeson

10     Bridge I: 12:00 - 4:00 pm (note earlier start time)

         Lunch and Play at Coppola’s, Rt. 9 and IBM Road.

         Coordinators:  Linda Ronayne (897-9745)      &

                  Mary Ann Ryan (897-9679)

10     “The Branch” deadline for January, 2015.  

10      Gourmet: Out & About: 6:30 pm

  Gusto’s, 15 Collegeview Ave, Poughkeepsie

  Contact: Kay Saderholm (229-8545)


10     International Human Rights Day: 9 :00 am – 2:00 pm

         Wallace Center at FDR, Free but register online at
, see page 7.

11     Pins & Needles: 7:00 pm

  Paper Bead & Earring Making

  Led by Pat Luczai at the Branch General Meeting,

   “Fun and Friends”

         Coordinators: Arlene Seligman (297-0006) &

                  Jane Toll (463-2712)       

11     General Membership Meeting: 7:00 pm

         All members are invited and encouraged to attend.

         See details on page 1.

12     Daytime Literature: 10:00 am

         Book: Orphan Train by Christine Baker Kline

         The Manor at Woodside, 168 Academy, Pok.

         Coordinators: Diana Gleeson (229-8458) &

                  Jackie Prusak (226-6049)

13     Bridge 3: 10:00 am

  Hostess: Carol Mastropietro (221-8862)

         Coordinator: Donna Reichner

13     Trekkers:

         Mystery Event??

         Leaders: Pat Luczai (463-4662) and

                   Karen Haynes

         Coordinator: Karen Haynes (297-5700)

15     Manderley Literary Society: 7:30 pm

         Book: Mary Coin by Marisa Silver

         Hostess: Patty Cerniglia (298-7655)

         Coordinator: Rochelle Friedman (462-4996)

16     Cuisine: 6:30 pm

         Scandinavian Soups, Sandwiches and Cookies

         Recipes: Blanche Bergman

         Hostess: Betsy Kopstein-Stuts (485-7044)

         Coordinator: Barbara Lemberger


17     Mah Jongg: Noon - 4:00 pm  

         Uno Chicago Grill – Lunch

         Contact Blanche (226-6049) by December 15

         Coordinator: Blanche Bergman (462-3955)

18     Aventures en Soleil:

  Grand Central Terminal Tour

  Please send $20 check to Mary Ann Boylan,

  90 Alda Drive, Poughkeepsie NY

  Contact:  Mary Ann Boylan (462-2504) and

           Peggy Kelland (297-0507)

  Coordinator: Ruth Sheets (473-6202)

19     Bridge II: 12:15-4:00 pm

         Uno Chicago Grill – Lunch ($15)

         Coordinator: Cathy Kinn 

Contemporary Literature: Will not meeting in December.

  Our best to all for a happy holiday season.

         Coordinators: Ann Wade (229-5267) &

                  Linda Freisitzer (266-5427)

Diversity: No meeting in December.  Enjoy your holiday.

         Coordinator: Jacqueline Goffe-McNish


Poetry & Play Reading:

         Will not meet in December but plan to get started in        January.  

Pedal Pushers:  Watch for our return on April 8.

         Coordinator: Sheila Zweifler



Mar 21, 2015: The District IV meeting will celebrate

                  The 200th birthday of Elizabeth C. Stanton

                  at Fort Montgomery  Community College

Apr 16, 2015: AAUW-NYS Convention, Byblos

                  Niagara Resort and Spa on Grand Island,

                  Buffalo.  See page 6.

April 26, 2015: Writers' Tea.

June 11, 2015: Annual Dinner, 6:00 – 9:00 pm,

                  Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                

Barbara Van Itallie *462-3924*


Our Successful Branch


As some of you might know, the Poughkeepsie Branch, with our almost 400 members, is the largest branch in New York State, and one of the largest in the entire US.  Our success at recruiting and retaining members over the last several years has been noticed by National AAUW, and we have been asked about some of our membership strategies.  I used this request to reach out to our current board members and past officers for some of their thoughts on our successes and here are some of the replies:


We have a very active and wide variety of interest groups: 20 at this time.  There is something for almost every taste.  Newly retired women looking for new activities find this appealing, as do working women and young mothers.  And we encourage anyone with a new idea to form a new group.  Many of our existing members say they joined us for a particular interest group and stayed on when they found the breadth of our activities.


Some of us joined because of our concerns for specific issues: women’s rights, children’s literacy, domestic violence, international women’s issues, girl’s self image, and so on.  By joining, women could work directly on these issues or support a national organization that advocated on our behalf.  Also, we encourage someone with a new issues or concern to propose a program to address those issues. 


People in the community hear about us through our issue-related programming.  We have a professional image in our community.


Informal recruiting and word of mouth bring people in.  Almost all of us have joined because a friend, acquaintance or the Membership Vice President suggested that we join.  We have meetings and events in both the daytime and evening to suit the needs of a variety of ages. 


We offer opportunities for leadership roles.  With our wide variety of groups, events, initiatives and administrative duties, there is ample opportunity for leadership growth.  Membership can enhance personal and professional skills.


We are nurturing of our members and genuinely care about each other.  At events we try to be warm and welcoming to newcomers.  People remain because they have bonded with each other and enjoy each other’s company.


I would be interested in hearing from you too about why you joined us and helped add to our success.



Betty Harrel *463-2141* 


Once again, we will brighten the holidays for children living at Hudson River Lodging.  Run by Hudson River Housing, this temporary housing facility provides a home for up to two years while a parent takes part in job training or education programs.


Plan to join members of our Leading to Reading project while we laugh, talk, wrap, and create a mountain of beautifully  wrapped gifts.  We bring our own gift wrap and supplies.  It will take place at Hudson River Lodging (the former Edison Motor Inn) on Route 55 opposite Page Lumber Company.  Sessions will be held from 9:30-11:30 am.


If you would like to wrap on Thursday, December 11, please contact Patty Cerniglia at or 298-7655.  If you would like to take part on Friday, December 12,  please contact Ellie Burch at or 297-7828.


Join the fun!



Mary Coiteux *226-8275*

An expression of admiration for someone's achievement or contribution and our acknowledgment for it.


Hat’s Off to Didi Barrett for her service for the advancement of women and girls.


Hat’s Off to Cecilia Dinio-Durkin.  At the Hudson Valley Magazines’ Women in Business Luncheon, she was an honoree.  The November luncheon celebrated accomplished area business women.


Hat’s Off to Eileen Mylod Hayden for being honored by the Dutchess County Historical Society (DCHS) at their annual gala.  The historical society gave a special award called the "The Centennial Legacy Award" to members of the Mylod family, whose grandfather was a charter member of the society honoring their years of dedicated service.  Eileen Hayden is a former president of DCHS and continues to assist the organization.


Hat’s Off to the following women who have volunteered their time and talents to make our December members program “Fun & Friend” an exciting event.  Thank you Ellie Charwat, Marcine Humphrey, Honorah Hinkle, Pat Luczai, Anthula Natsoulas, Arlene Seligman, and Jane Toll.


Hat’s Off to Suzi Stoller who received the New York State School Social Workers' Association Ruth Effron Schwartz Award.  This is the most prestigious award given by the Association.  It is awarded to a recipient who goes well beyond expected parameters of outstanding school social work practice and service to the practice.  Considerations include creativity, innovation, advocacy and school and community leadership.


Supporters of The Branch!!


Annual contributions from members help defray the expense of publishing The Branch and other communication expenses.  All patrons and sponsors are listed in each monthly newsletter unless anonymity is requested.                             

Patrons ($25 or more)


Catherine Albanese, Lula Allen, Mary G. Bagley,

Mary Ann Boylan, Sharon Clarke, Lillian DePasquale,

Ruth Gau, Gloria Gibbs, Sandra Goldberg, Elizabeth Harrel, Shaileen Kopec, Catherine Pété, Terry Schneider


Sponsors ($10 or more)


Marguerite Cotter, Christina Houghtaling, Cathleen Kinn


To add your name to the list, mail a check payable: “Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW, Inc.” to Margaret Nijhuis, 9 McAllister Drive, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569



Cathy Kinn, Interest Group Coordinator, 

A column that gives us the news of “What’s Happening” in our Interest Groups.


The Ediss Book Group read the novel Burial Rites by Hannah Kent as our November selection.  In addition to our usual lively and thoughtful discussion, we invited Maria Weinberg to join us and tell us about Iceland, where she was born and lived until about the age of nineteen.  Burial Rites takes place in early 19th century Iceland and is based on a true incident regarding Agnes Magnusdottir who was accused of murder and executed for the crime.  Agnes was the last person to receive capital punishment in Iceland.  The author created a back story for Agnes leading us into her mind and heart and into the lives of the people who surrounded her.  Our book discussion was enhanced by Maria’s presence, for she provided us with a wealth of information about Iceland, the people, and the language.  It was a memorable event for the Ediss book group members, and we are grateful to Cathy Kinn for inviting Maria to our discussion and to Maria for being so gracious to attend and share not only her information about Iceland, but also her thoughts about the novel.

Celia Serotsky, Coordinator of the Ediss Book Group


Editor’s Note:  All interest groups are invited to share their news and special events with the membership.  Just send your article to the editor by the 10th of the month for publication in the newsletter for the following month. 



Report on the 9th Annual LYD 7th Grade Girls’ Conference

Cecilia Dinio-Durkin


A week after the 9th Annual Live Your Dream 7th Grade Girls’ Conference occurred, I received a lime green envelope postmarked from Massachusetts.  The handwritten note read, “Dear Mrs. Durkin, Thank you and AAUW for hosting the Live Your Dream Girls’ Conference.”  I recalled the conversation I had with this girl’s mom several weeks before the event.  Seems the girl had always wanted to go to the conference, but last year, the family had moved away.  “She’s finally old enough,” her mom told me, “But now, we no longer live in the area.  Can she still go to the conference?”  I said yes!


Last weekend, this young woman joined 58 other girls to attend workshops, network during a catered lunch, learn about volunteer opportunities, participate in acts of kindness, and aspire and were inspired to become activists.  Workshops like Poet Gold’s “Dreams: A Poetic Experience” brought the whole message home.  AAUW member, Betty Harrell’s Leading to Reading activity table had girls lining up to gift-wrap books for less fortunate children.  And the conference met the UN Millennium Development Goal No. 3 by providing economic development by purchasing giveaways made by women in Ghana and Cambodia.


The Conference’s global message from the film, “Girl Rising” wound its way throughout the day starting with Sarah Nowlin’s welcome greeting, as well as in workshops, and Girl Talk Circles . Wanting to expand the minds of local girls to think about worldwide issues, the film emphasized education as the key to success.  This message was particularly poignant during the Career-in-STEAM workshop conducted by IBM engineer, Debbie St. Onge.  This year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, a girl just a little bit older than the girls at the conference, says, “One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”


The LYD Conference can truly change the world!  So, thanks to the Poughkeepsie AAUW branch and the community of volunteer supporters; we affect not only the lives of the girls who attend, but also the young college women who volunteer, our AAUW members, and community leaders who provide funding, give of their time, and donate various items to make the day happen.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


For LYD 2014’s Program Booklet,   information, and pictures from the event, please go to our website at:



Patricia DeLeo *883-5181*  


The Corporate Closet


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came out of the closet, the corporate closet.  With a salary of $669,000 and $7.6 million dollars in stock options and bonuses for this year, Nadella offered women in the tech field the benefit of his experience: women should not ask for raises but rely on karma to financially reward good work and to use their "superpowers” to advance.  The disastrous gaffe, a welcome Freudian slip, outed Microsoft's gender pay gap.  The corporate closet has been opened.


What hangs in the corporate closet?  It is the hiding place for gender pay gaps; "Mommy centered policies" as opposed to family policies that support both sexes and life style choices; stereotypical images of women as temporary rather than permanent and primary wage earners; the dominance of male corporate cultural values where men are expected to be strong, arrogant, intelligent, ego driven, assertive, competitive, direct and task focused while women are assumed strong, intuitive, emotional, empathetic, aggressive, consensus driven, collaborative and multi tasking.  Companies may have policies on paper that invite and entice fair treatment of women, but implementations are clothed in hostility, resentment, bullying, and retribution.


Nadella immediately tried to retreat by offering a quick and direct apology.  Rewind?  Impossible.  We can applaud his truthful admission but once "outed," there is no disguise for truth.  The behaviors he expects of men are not the behaviors he catalogues for women.  His remarks support the predilection that men who request raises are being financially responsible whereas women are being aggressive.


Nadella recommends women use superpowers, but he doesn't define them.  What are they?  Power at the polls.  Women comprise 53% of the electorate and should be voting for candidates who support women, family and their economic issues.  Women are making 73% of all consumer decisions and should be supporting companies void of a gender pay gap and supporting corporate cultures that meet the needs of families, have fair hiring, career incentives and retention practices (see top 100 companies for women ). Women can mentor young women on the history of women's rights, an act in progress, and create the next wave of action.  56% of college graduates are women entering professional ranks who can aid women in educational opportunities, career development (especially in the high paying STEM field) and corporate hiring.


Are you a victim of a gender pay gap and tired of waiting for pay equity?  Contact your employer's financial institution and request a karma withdrawal slip.  A Microsoft female employee should request $10, 876 per year of employment.  Since Microsoft averages a profit of $244,832 per employee, the karma payments will have little impact on its $6 billion profit margin.  Keep track of your invoice.

The Two Minute Activist can help you claim some karma.  Tell Your Senators How You Feel about the Equal Pay Vote; Support Paid Family and Medical Leave; Tell Congress to Support Women-Owned Small Businesses; Urge the Senate to Move on Paycheck Fairness; remind them it is time to pass ERA.  Passage will certainly be a good interest payment on the principle.


No need to stay in the closet.  The door is open.




Mary Ann Boylan             Doris Kelly

Amy Schwed            Marlene Strauss


For the delicious refreshments at the November meeting.



Peggy Kelland *297-0507*


Help requested!


There will be a Cooking Event on Friday, December 12 at Zion Episcopal Church in Wappingers Falls from

5:00-7:30 pm.  We are looking for members who have an unusual international recipe which they would be willing to share with the girls (grades 6-12).  It would involve a very brief presentation to show them the ingredients and offer a taste.  If you can't be there, we'll do the actual presentation, but we'd enjoy your participation if you can make it.


Four Girl Scout Troops participated in our Game Night on November 7.  Thank you to Anthula Natsoulis who brought her extensive math games collection and helped the girls play them, to Gwen Higgins who involved everyone in a cooperative game of sensory observation, and to Patty Sheehan who assisted.


Future events include Decoupage Decor from 6:30-8:30 pm on Friday, January 9, at R.C. Ketcham H.S. on Myers Corners Rd. and a Jewelry Workshop on Sunday, February 8, from 2:00-5:00 pm at New Hackensack Reformed Church on Rte. 376.  We are also doing "Amaze," a Girl Scout Journey on healthy relationships for girls in grades 6-8.  It will be a two session program on Sunday afternoons from 2-5 pm on January 25 and February 1 at Zion Episcopal Church.





December 7 – 31, 2014

Rosendale Café

434 Main Street, Rosendale



Lunch and dinner, great vegetarian menu


Opening Sunday, December 7, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm



Betty Harrel  *462-2141*  


Children often speak from the heart, and they can best describe the impact of our Leading to Reading community project.  Over the years, we’ve received some beautiful notes from children who were given shiny new books or shared classroom experiences with our community readers.  Here are a few samples:


“We say is wuns, We say it twise, Thank you, Thank you, You are nise

“Thank you for caring about us”

“Thank you so much for coming to our classroom and reading to us.  We love books!”

“Thank you for being my friend.”

“I love my new book!”


Join the fun and share your joy of reading with children in our community.  Contact Betty Harrel at  or 462-2141.




Congratulations to Sue Doyle, the new Assistant Secretary.  Her duties include sending care, concern and condolence notes to our members and their families from our membership when appropriate.  Please contact Sue with any requests for notes from our branch.



Legal Advocacy Fund 


What a great day we had!  I handed out programs and directed traffic to the ATM and bathrooms, and Keith and Sharon staffed the “beer tent.” Others cleaned tables and sold raffle tickets.  What a fun way to make money for the LAF fund!  Our volunteers over a two day period racked up $481.00! (and probably feasted on ribs and pulled pork sandwiches when their shift was over.)  Well done, volunteers! Thank you to Sharon Clarke for organizing the volunteers for AAUW.


Thank you to our amazing group of volunteers:


Sharon Clarke           Keith Humphrey

Marcine Humphrey  Betty Harrel

Bill Harrel                          Catherine Gleason

Tom  Gleason            Robert Gleason

Jeanette Cantwell     Barbara Hespenheide

Erich Hespenheide   Barbara VanItallie

Phil VanItallie           Ellen Zelig

Bill Beehler



Linda Roberts *227 5287*


Our annual Tea and Auction is only 5 months away!  I realize that that seems like a long time but as you all know, time seems to fly by and before you know it, April will be here.  I just want to give you a few suggestions about auction items that could be donated.  There are things that have been the best sellers at the auction:


items for children and babies,

gift cards and certificates from local businesses,

original art and craft items,

and jewelry.


Several members and Interest Groups made up baskets of items that were very popular.  If you want to put together a basket of your own it doesn't have to be huge, it could just be your favorite teas and biscuits, or coffee and a few mugs, soaps and bath items, or wine and cheese for example.  Let's try to think a little out of the box this year and come up with some other creative ideas.  We will also continue to do our popular Raffle Basket and would love to get donations from the membership for this.  Our committee hasn't decided on the basket's theme yet but I will let everyone know about this very soon.  We will be selling tickets for this basket the day of the Auction and for many weeks ahead of time.  If anyone would like to join our committee please contact me.  Thanks so much for the continued support of this event, our only fundraiser.  



Kay Saderholm *229-8545*


It has been a busy time for those who have joined AAUW this autumn – our annual Open House in September and our New Member Reception in October.  We welcome all of you and hope to see you many times at our many AAUW events.


The whirl of events which revolve around the holiday season coming up sometimes interfere with our regular schedule.  But I want to encourage all of you to come to at least one, if not two or more, events which our AAUW Branch has planned.  Maybe this is the time to try an interest group which has intrigued you in the past but you never got around to signing up for.  Think of it as a special gift to yourself.


One event that I am eager to attend is the December regular branch meeting on Dec 11.  Read about it in this issue of The Branch.  Doesn’t it sound intriguing?!  Hope to see you there.




LAGRANGE - Peggy C. Hansen, 65, a resident of the Town of LaGrange since 1987 and formerly of New York City, died on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at her home following a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.


Born in New York City on March 21, 1949, Peggy received her BA in English from Connecticut College, and her MS in Elementary Education from SUNY New Paltz.


In the 1970s and 80s, Peggy worked in the nonprofit professional theater in New York City, first as assistant director of the International Theater Institute of the U.S., and then as the producing director of the Young Playwrights Festival.  After moving to Poughkeepsie, Peggy was delighted to become part of the Noxon Road School community in the Arlington Central School District, where she taught fourth grade for 21 years, served on district committees, and conducted summer research projects on student achievement.


She especially enjoyed spending time with family and friends, learning about music, reading and playing word games and bridge.  Her interests also included early American history; she traveled to historic sites, took courses, and read about the period in the hope of bringing it to life for her students.  Her favorite places included the beautiful Hudson Valley, and the ocean, where she spent many happy weeks of her life in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Southeastern Maine; and Cape May, New Jersey.


On December 12, 1971 in the Bronx, Peggy married her soul mate, David M. Hansen, who survives at home.  Their marriage of almost 43 years was built on love, communication, commitment and growth.  She is also survived by her beloved son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Tonya Hansen; her adored grandsons, Julian and Milo; her brother and sister-in-law, her stepsisters; her nieces and nephews, several cousins and MANY friends.


Memorial donation may be made to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research or Sprout Creek Farm.


Peggy served as AAUW Secretary and was an active member of our Bridge, Word Games and other groups, and this fall proposed the newest interest group, Plays and Poetry Reading.  Most of all though we remember her for her courage through her ordeal with cancer, her enthusiasm and intelligence when we met for games and for her charm, warmth and friendship.  Her love of poetry will be remembered by all and we would like to share one of her favorites with you:



W. B. Yeats, 1865 - 1939


I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:

Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee;

And live alone in the bee-loud glade.


And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping


Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket


There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,

And evening full of the linnet’s wings.


I will arise and go now, for always night and day

I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;

While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,

I hear it in the deep heart’s core.



Christie VanHorne *315/515-7252*


December 10, 2014

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Wallace Center at FDR

Free but advance registration is required.

Bring a bag lunch.


More information is on our website – see the link under Upcoming Events.  Members of AAUW’s international initiatives are part of the planning committee and all members are encouraged and welcomed to attend the event.

Please sign up online:


Questions: Please contact Christie


Poughkeepsie Branch AAUW, Inc. Officers 2014-2015


President                              Barbara Van Itallie                462-3924

Program V.P.                      Susie Blecker                        462-7074

                                             Mary Coiteux                        226-8275

Membership V.P.                 Kay Saderholm                     229-8545

Educ. Foundation V.P.        Linda Roberts                       227-5287

Secretary                             Katherine Friedman              485-8671

Treasurer                            Diane Jablonski                    485-6228

Membership Treasurer       Jeanette Cantwell                  452-4188

Association website:                               

NY State website:

Poughkeepsie Branch website: 


AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.                                


In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership.  There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or class.


The Branch is published ten times a year, September through June, by the Poughkeepsie Branch of the AAUW, Inc.  Send articles to the editor: Margaret Nijhuis, (635-8612).